Works that address ideas about buildings and building materials. Related works can be found in the Installation page of this website. 

For the People, vinyl siding, pink insulation, 10’x10’x32”-installed at Moore Co
All Level-Plaster, Level Vials. Each house is 32”x7”x7”.
Explanation of Mysterious Force, steel, electric fan, and electric timer. 60”x44
Two Places for Contemplating the Afterlife, The two maps are of Poland and New Y
Places Inhospitable to Man, steel, two elements. Antacrtica - 2” x 16” x 14”, Mi
Filter, furnace filters, water, aluminum, 20’x12’x6’. The wall of air filters wa
Geographic Center of North America, steel. 25”x32”x1.5”. This piece is suspended
Residue - Plaster, Drawing Ink, and vaseline. The plaster element is 12”x12’x60”
Installation at Fleisher Art Memorial in Philadelphia, PA. Made from materials g
Installation at Fleisher Art Memorial in Philadelphia, PA. Made from materials g
artwork by Michael Grothusen
artwork by Michael Grothusen
Life’s Joys/Life’s Disappointments, electric motors, roller chain and steel. Ins

Works from an ongoing series that uses data and measurement about my body as a starting point for creating sculpture. 

michael grothusen, sculpture, philadelphia, kinetic sculpture, body measurement
sculpture, Michael Grothusen, kinetic sculpture, body measurement, conceptual sculpture
Michael Grothusen, sculpture, lovers, by weight, from memory. conceptual sculpture, cast iron sculpture
The Most I Can Lift- steel, photo etching. The solid steel cylinder is the heavi
The Highest I Can Jump-oak, photo etching. The brass bar represents the greatest
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