Artist's Statement

I divide my studio practice between permanent public commissions, temporary site-specific installations and art objects. Each genre has its own unique intentions, audience and outcomes. I have explored a range of topics in the creation of this work; personal history, maps, measurement, memory, the mutability of information, and the relationship between the built environment and natural forces. All have been the source material for my sculpture, often overlapping.

 The over arching goal is to make work that appeals to both emotion and thought. To get the viewer “to think” and “to feel” is a lofty goal, but one I strive for. Some of the work is concrete and specific, and can readily start a conversation. Other works intentionally keep written and spoken language at arms length, at least momentarily. These are designed to appeal to the part of us that is preverbal, visual and sensual. When starting a new piece I like to ask this question: What is it like to be in the space with the work and what will the viewer remember later?